“Mr Dawe did a wonderful job... go out and get the book, as it is a good read!”

"goldfishstar" from www.kiwireviews.co.nz

“Very cool.”

Steve Scott from www.goodreads.com

Karangahape Road.

K. Road to the initiated.

It's here you'll find Flash and Sonny, Geronimo and Cheyenne, Jazz and Roxy: a jungle of operators whose lives connect and collide, overlap and glance one off the other. Drifters, surfers, taggers. The gangsters and the street kids, those who hunt and those who run: a jostling urban tribe fighting for turf.

K. Road unsettles with its urgent song: the sharp fear fuelling those close to the edge. It sings of loyalties and betrayals, of debts that must be repaid, of the fragile ties that bind us all.

But it's Jazz and Roxy, teenage lovers on the run, who try to escape this cruel, subterranean existence. Their ticket to survival is Jazz's extraordinary gift: their love story heart-breaking.

As tender as it is brutal, K. Road's plaintive riff lingers long after the music is over.