It's hard to say who influenced you and how. It is easier to make a list from memory of some of the novels that have impressed me sufficiently that I remember them even though it is some 40 or 50 years since I put some of these down. Here they are, alphabetically listed.

Elmore Leonard
He's prolific.
The gift, Get Shorty, 52 Pickup, and any number of others.
F Scott Fitzgerald
A perfect book, not a word out of place.
The Great Gatsby
Nathanael West
Fascinating social critique
Miss lonely-hearts
Charles Dickens
Great Expectations
Herman Melville
Impossibly sprawling and original
Moby Dick
Thomas Pynchon
Endlessly fascinating riddle.
The Crying of Lot 49
Cormac McCarthy
All the pretty horses
Evelyn Waugh
WW2 the British perspective
Sword of Honour trilogy
Gustave Flaubert
Most complete portrait of a woman.
Madame Bovary
Thomas Mann
A small novel, seems a thousand pages long.
Death in Venice
Herman Hesse
A metaphor for civilisation.
The Glass Bead game
Feodor Dostoyevky
Compelling and haunting
The posssessed
Katherine Mansfield
Tiny and perfect.
The Doll's House
John Steinbeck
Tragic and inevitable.
Of Mice and men
Oscar Wilde
Unforgettable and haunting
Gerald Durrel
Brilliant family memoir.
My Family and Other Animals
Franz Kafka
The greatest horror story ever written.
Willaim Faulker
The sound and the fury
Henry Fielding
Expansive and ribald.
Tom Jones
Chinua Achebe
An eye into the dark continent.
Things fall apart
Salman Rushdie
Brilliant moment in the evolution of India.
Midnight's children
Dr Seuss
The places you'll go, The Cat in the Hat
J R Coetzee
The tragedy of Africa.
Yukio Mishima
Mythic & Intense
The sailor who fell from grace with the sea
Annie Proulx
Enjoyed the film? Read the book.
Broke-back Mountain
John Wyndham
Early British sci-fi.
The Triffids
George Simenon
Any one of his short stories has the full body of a novel.
Iris Murdoch
It's my favourite.
Unofficial Rose
John Fowles
Elusive love story
French lieutenant's woman
The Tepi