“...It has believable characters and a well constructed storyline, making it another outstanding novel by an award winning NZ writer.”


“Such a gentle warm story, I found And Did Those Feet to be a thoroughly enjoyable read that had depth without being heavy.”

"da-tigger" from www.kiwireviews.co.nz


“The year Mum died and Dad went mad I was packed off to live on a farm for a while.”

SANDY WILL TELL YOU: he looks like an ordinary kid on the outside, but on the inside, he's a time bomb. Ever since his mum died, and his father started slacking off on the dad front, he's felt lit-up by a barely-contained rage.

After an ugly showdown at a school he gets sent to stay at his aunt and uncle's Taranaki farm. "Going agricultural" is bad enough for a city kid, but worse: his rellies are members of an unusual group who follow the teachings of poet William Blake. Branded "cultie" along with his cousins at the country school, Sandy reckons you can't go much lower.

Then events on the farm, and at school camp, show Sandy more about his own strengths than he'd ever thought possible.

This is a story of how a boy faces up to a season of disasters: some of his own making, some brought upon him by others. Told with gentle humour And did those feet... is an outstanding novel from award-winning writer Ted Dawe.